Sanchár means mobility in Marathi, an Indian language. Designed by Dr. Mangesh Karandikar, Asst. Professor, Department of Communication & Journalism, University of Mumbai, India, EduSanchár will offer a series of mobile apps, giving you the concepts, key terms for media and communication related studies. With the youth embracing the mobile phone as their primary medium of communication, this app will help them to study while on the move.

This app is the first in the series aimed at providing quick learning sessions to learn while on the go. The benefit of having an app on your mobile phone is that one can study even without access to a network. The theories have been segregated into various sections and can be accessed by clicking on the tabs. At the end of each theory, several links to free online reading material are provided for those who wish to read more. The language has been kept simple and easy to understand.

It is the only app which provides precise and concise notes for revision as well. With its new user friendly and highly integrated user interface ,even a lay person in technology could operate the app. It is a must app for students, teachers and professionals who deal in communication.

This app is the first app across the globe to offer the easiest way to learn and revise Communication theories in an organized manner. Download the app now to experience and enjoy the theories of communication which define your world of communication and media.

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Here are some screenshots of the app:

Mangesh Karandikar, Ph.D.
Dept. of Communication and Journalism,
University of Mumbai, Mumbai, India.
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