Usage Related Questions:

Q. What is this application about?
A. This application is the first in the EDUSANCHAR QUICKLEARN series which helps you understand different concepts of communication in an easy way.

Q. How do I navigate the menu screen?
A. Just click on the topic icon and you shall be guided to another page showing the relevant theories regarding the topic.

Q. How do I read the theories?
A. The theories are arranged in a series of drop downs, which open when clicked upon.

Q. How do I close the drop down?
A. Click on main topic bar to close the drop down.

Q. How do I go to the main menu?
A. Click on the main logo of the application for directing the application to the main menu or Click on 'Main Menu button'.

Q. How do I quit the application?
A. To exit the application just click the menu button of your android system, the system shall automatically close the app.

Application Related Questions:

Q. Who can use this app?
A. Students, Teachers, Professionals and everyone dealing with or learning communication.

Q. How can I explore the theory and its author more elaborately?
A. You can click on the links available below the theory leading to the relevant online resources.

Q. How can this app be useful to me if I'm not a student?
A. This app gives you the possibility to negotiate different circumstances, be it your workplace or general day to day affairs, with more clarity. This is a tool to quickly find out how and why you might be communicating.

Q. Does this app help me read the media better?
A. If you find the media overwhelming and want to understand the reason behind the behavior of media, this app provides you with the tools of communication which the media uses.

Q. How will this app help me as a student?
A. For students, this app allows a perfect platform to learn the concepts of communication in detail and then quickly revise them as well.

Q. Looking for a career in Media/journalism/Media Studies?
A. Here is a quick way to know what you will be expected to learn.

Q. Why so cool before exams?
A. You have all the theories in your pocket.

Q. If I want to, how can I cite this app?
A. You may cite as follows:
In the text: (EDUSANCHAR Android App on Communication Theory, 2013)
In the bibliography: EDUSANCHAR Android App on Communication Theory, (2013, September), EDUSANCHAR. Mumbai, Maharashtra, India: EDUSANCHAR.

Mangesh Karandikar, Ph.D.
Dept. of Communication and Journalism,
University of Mumbai, Mumbai, India.
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